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Sea Water scooter

  /  Sea Water scooter

Discover our little novelty of the summer: the electric scooter of the seas!
This environmentally friendly activity will allow you to reconnect with nature as a family!
At our nautical bases, we accept payments in cash, bank cards and holiday vouchers.


1 – Share with family
The Water Scooter™ is intergenerational. Whether you are 5 or 85 years old, this product is accessible to everyone thanks to its large, perfectly stable and unsinkable board. This machine can accommodate up to 3 people at the same time (max 150 kg), the opportunity to share a moment with others on the water.

2 – Reconnect with nature
The BlueWay™ allows you to set off with complete peace of mind to discover landscapes inaccessible by land, to take the time to contemplate the most beautiful coasts without disturbing the tranquility. The BlueWay™ offers the possibility of escaping the stress of everyday life for a magical break.

3 – Discover new sensations
No need to be a seasoned athlete to ride this scooter! The BlueWay™ does not require any technical or physical level, its handling is immediate, and its extremely handy handlebars allow you to move on the water, without any effort. For a few moments, you let go and let yourself be carried by the waves, with the impression of “walking” on water.

4 – keep your distance
In times of COVID-19, this individual machine responds to health measures – personal or family boat, possibility of leaving with friends with several boats and without risk, ease of disinfection – and allows you to share a maritime experience with others, each on their own. Scooter, respecting the recommended distances.

5 – Respect the environment
Whether by the sea or on a body of fresh water, we explore while respecting others and nature. The BlueWay™ is silent, and therefore allows you to have fun on the water without disturbing holidaymakers with noise pollution. Thanks to its electric propulsion, this emission-free Scooter also takes care to respect the aquatic fauna and flora that surrounds us.


  • 30 €